Sunday, June 1, 2008

Because She was so busy

She bought us flowers to say sorry for Her long days of neglect. White flowers that smell so lovely.

But better still She bought us small cat fish shaped treats which are so very wonderful to eat that She has to hide them, for it we find them we try to open the tin with our sharp white teeth.

A pretty pink tin. If She wants She can go and be too busy again, so long as we can have sunshine and a tin EACH of Pit'r Pats.
She has put some pictures on her website for all the cats who could not come to the exhibition.


Tiggie FOC said...

Oh lordy...those things must be like our American "Greenies."

Yes, we cats must finally admit that we can be bought off with treats.

Bones said...

A jackalope! Lovely.

this is my patch said...

I laughed at the website describing as convenient packaging. Not convienient enough as far as the ginger darling is concerned! x