Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Looking for Dragons

The Dragonlady came to visit yesterday and she walked with us to the top of the hill where it was hot. She lives in another country and knows a wild lynx who lives in a cage. And she paints too, lots of dragons.

On top of the hill Pixie and Elmo shared a pool of shade.

The on the way back Pixie played with the sunshine and fern patterns.

Later Elmo didn't come home. He wasn't back for supper and he wasn't back for bed, and when She woke in the night from troubled dreams there was only Pixie and Maurice on the sofa of cats. No sign of Elmo anywhere.
She was so worried as we seldom stay away from home for so long. But then early in the morning, with a curling of his whiskers, in walks Elmo with not a care in the world, tired as only a cat can be from a long night of adventure.
When we asked him where he had been he smiled.
"Looking for dragons, " he said.
When we asked if he found any he just purred, fast asleep and dreaming.


Anonymous said...

Deed eberybardy sneeff Elmo when he came bagh? You can tell a lard by sneeffeen'...Elmo ees moch hombre.

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Elmo, you are my inspiration. I would have loved to accompany you on your night prowling.


Casey said...

Bad Elmo for scaring everybody like that. (I bet he had fun, tho!)

Moonroot said...

Perhaps he was out with Blodeuwedd again.

Shammickite said...

Got any Hot Tin Roofs out there in Elmoland?

dragonladych said...

Ah Elmo that was bad scaring Her like that! I often have that effect on people, and cats apparently... wherever I go they start looking for Dragons :)

Anyway it was a great honour meeting all of you kitties! Thanks a lot for taking me along on one of your walks!