Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time for walking

The day was full of sunshine and larksong as we headed over the hill and far away. Curious sheep watched as we passed by.

On the wall the early spring sunshine felt warm on our fur. We stopped for a while to rest.

In a line we walked along the paths and everywhere birds shouted their songs.

The ponies watched, warmth caught in their coats and smelling of spring grass and sea spray.

The day too good for words should be left to the unintelligible language of birds. Whispers of summer hang in the air. Buzzards circle is lazy flight, raven call and chough swoop and swing, dancing on air.

Long walk. Now it is evening and we wait for the moon to rise. Yesterday the moon rose red in the night sky. While we wait we lounge languid by the fire and dream of the hill, and dream of wings.


Daisy said...

It looks like a perfect Walking day!

Elizabeth said...

What cool adventures you are having.
We are jealous!
Mimi and Ollie

ChrisJ said...

How do you catch your "Darlings" in such great poses? I love the one where they sit in symmetry, (heads together and body out to each side-- is this juxtaposition? Something like that anyway.)

Bimbimbie said...

I enjoy my Gingerlicious visits *!*

Nick Green said...

Seventh photo down - Giant Cats Sighted at Golgotha?

Moonroot said...

What a beautiful-sounding walk - and what perfect pictures.