Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Postcard from Pipehouse.

Dear Cats,
Having a lovely time away, though I have been working very hard, putting up the exhibition and having the preview and talking in schools. Staying in a lovely house and there is a cat here called Calypso. She has been sleeping on the bed and curling up with me and helping me to write. She is a calico cat with eyes like amber fire.
Calypso knows a great deal about books as she helps Tessa to run Barefoot Books.
It is cold here and each morning when I wake up the grass is painted silver with frost. So far I have seen no hares, but lots of wild deer.
Hope you are ok and don't miss me too much and that Deb and Al are looking after you and keeping you warm.
PS Here are some pictures of the exhibition, and here are some pictures of places I have been.


amanda said...

Oh she is beautiful and how nice to have a substitute familiar to keep you company while you are away...

dinahmow said...

What a charming postcard. And such lovely pictures.

Wael in Panama said...

We of the cat clan are happy to keep you humans ,who have been certified by the members of your local cat community, in a state of "being home" near and far--it is our pleasure to serve you.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Ginger Darlings,
I bet you are cross with your human for ignoring you so.
Mimi, Ollie, Booger and the whole "Not-Ollie -Gang" in Marrakech are madder'n hornets at our humans.
Ismail doesn't pamper us.
Who is this interloper your human is being nice to......?
One of our humans wants everyone to post artistic pictures of DOORS next Wednesday, artisic - my paw!
We think we will just ask Mr.Booger Sr. to pee on the metal terrace door.
This is not pretty but so what? They deserve it.
With feline greetings,
Mimi and Ollie
Derb Djedid

AC said...

I hope your all keeping well.
Take care,
Alison x