Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We eat...

...off a golden plate.
And we are excited as we've been tagged by Ernest for the True Confessions Meme. We're told that the rules are loose. We only have to reveal as much as we want and tag as many cats as we like. We are supposed to share our deepest, darkest secrets! But this is difficult, because as cats we have a different idea of what is right and what is wrong to do.
So here goes: Three things each.

Maurice: I am not too keen on Him. This is not a problem as I know that He is jealous of me because She likes me best. Better than Him. Because I can jump up into Her arms and She catches me and we talk and She scratches the right place just behind my ear. Sometimes He is ok. When He has Parma Ham He is almost ok.
When I get cross because I am shut out I will spray, anywhere and everywhere. But this is not a wrong thing. Just reasonable behaviour. I am a cat and I go where I will.
I scratch. The corners of carpets, the sofa, the bookcase, the door, the walls and where ever I want, because I am a cat and can do no wrong.

Pixie: My best friend that is not ginger is a dog. I do not think this is a wrong thing. It is better to have friends than enemies.
I always save a bit of my food for Bella so that we can eat a little together.
It was me that ate the butter but I blamed it on the dog.

Elmo: It was me that ate the butter but the worms were controlling my mind and I hypnotized Pixie into thinking she did it.
I like Him, the Man, He's fun. With or without Parma Ham.
I like to hide under the sofa and jump out on the dogs and scare them.

And we all like to wake Her up at five in the morning, or first light in the summer, so that She gets a good long days work in.
We asked Her if she would like to put some confessions below our list but She said there were too many things and not to get Her started!

So we tag.
1. Cats with no tv, who have time for mischief.
2. The Handbag lady, who writes things.


Mom Unplugged said...

Dear Ginger Cats,

The six of us have many deep dark secrets and are quite excited to have been tagged to share them! You are right, with no TV we have plenty of time for trouble. Our food lady is leaving today for several days but she has promised to help us write our True Confessions post next Tuesday. Kitty paws can't type so well without assistance.

May your plates forever be golden and your mice slow.

The Unplugged Six

The Crew said...

Hello everyone. Fat Eric told us about you so we thought we'd come by to meet you. Stop over and see us sometime.

The Crew

Fritzamus Maximus said...

Fantastic confessions! Elmo, I hope that the worms aren't really controlling your mind. Ernest like to hide under the sofa and jump out too!

Are there really four of you? Does Martha live with you?

The Ginger Darlings said...

Hi Fritzamus
Indeed there are four, and Martha does live with us. Like all good threesomes, including the Three Mousecatears, we have our D'Artagnon. Martha is the Old One who was here before all others came. And then there is Max, who is not ginger, but dark dark tabby, who gets into all the pictures She does paint. He's in so many books he is quite big headed.

Mom Unplugged said...

Dear Ginger Cats,

Our confessions have been revealed. We invite you to stop by for a visit...if you dare!

The Unplugged Six