Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Postcards from Venice.

While She was away we had a lovely time. Debs, with curling hair looked after us and we were cute and wound her round our paws with our charm. We took her for walks with the dogs, so she would not get lost. We let her fill our bowls, and were glad that she did not want to share our food, but seemed to bring her own, and we brought her mice and other splendid things.

Meanwhile She was delighted by our ginger cousin who lived at the hotel in Venice. We had been in touch so that when She arrived there were three cats curled together in the hotel garden, Topina, Thomas the Tabby and Melinda. But the best we saved until the next morning, so she woke up in Venice and walked out into the garden to see Rosso, the handsome, fine and Ginger.

And Venice was full of cats, running in the alleys, cat puppets and masks and other cats, behind windows, on rooftops and round corners. Statues of cats, pictures of cats, sealing wax stamps with cats on, cats of all colours and sizes, and courting cats singing songs to the moon, of love.

And there were markets that sold the most wonderful catfood.
We did not miss Her, but we are glad that she did not fall too much in love with the red cat Rosso and the land of narrow streets and water, for there we would not be able to walk the hills, would only see the sky reflected in the canals, but we would be able to chase huge dragonflies and crickets and watch canaries in cages, to lounge on long black boats in the hot sunshine and sleep all afternoon.

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