Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunshine, wind, rain and men

Maurice: Too cold to walk today. It's like winter out there.
Pixie:Was lovely yesterday though. He seems to have remembered His dog and come back to pick him up. I let him carry me again for a bit when we were out walking.
Maurice: They seemed to be arguing about something, did you hear what it was?
Pixie: She said She had been looking at a blog by some cats and there were ten of them. He said if She had ten cats He would leave her, and She said She was off to the farm then to get five kittens, all of them ginger.
Maurice: Think I'm with Him. She comes back with kittens I'm moving out too.
Pixie: Elmo is ok though. Well, apart from his tape worm problem he is ok.
Max: What's going on?
Maurice: Do you think He will remember to take the dog with Him when He goes this time? I think he is going a bit funny in the head, forgetting him all the time.
Pixie: I think kittens would be lovely, but I would miss Him. He is quite good at carrying.
Elmo: Am I having kittens?
Pixie: You're a boy, idiot. Boy's don't have kittens.
Elmo: Oh. What are these little white things then.

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Fritzamus Maximus said...

Oh, Elmo. When I was a kitten, I had worms. It was awful! The Feeder had to take me to the vet!

The Feeders are very impressed that your feeder has been short listed for a prize and say Congratulations! Ernest thought we should send a congratulatory gift of a mouse, but I think UK customs frowns upon shipments of dead rodents into the country. Perhaps one of you could give her a warm mouse on our behalf?

Ernest and I have tagged the three of you for a meme! Swing by our blog when you have time.