Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rats tales from Maurice.

No lizards could I find, so I brought Her a plump young rat, still warm. She was very excited but it did not seem to help as still She mopes around the house saying that She cannot draw and does not like to paint. It is cold, but I will look for a lizard instead. Or maybe two rats would brighten Her smile. Humans can be so very difficult to please.


dragonladych said...

Hi cats! I am currently in Scotland working an a croft.
Our cat Mac is very very sick. His eyes are all infected and swollen. I hope he makes it but he might be blind if he does. Please send some godd cat wishes his way.

Tell Her to look at John Howe website (www.john-howe.com) this month, we are posting our illustrations for Robin Hobb's books, and it's lovely to see how everyone goes about that.

Spokane Gal said...

Maybe you could paint the pictures for her? That would probably be the best help since she doesn't like to paint. If that won't work maybe you could suggest she try painting assuming a different persona...that of someone who loves painting but not drawing.


The Ginger Darlings said...

Too busy catching things to paint. She seems to have settled down a bit now, and is painting a dragon thing. Would like to catch one of them!