Sunday, May 6, 2007

Conversation overheard....

Pixie: "She seems a bit stressed."
Maurice. " Yes. Keeps muttering abut some big painting or other. Almost finished. Fuss fuss fuss."
Pixie. " We could help, but she shuts the door and even when I scratch the carpet up she won't let me in to help."
Elmo." I like mice."
Maurice. " I could bring her another lizard. That always seems to get her excited."
Pixie. " I think she needs to calm down. She wanders around the house kicking things and swearing and being horrid to the children and that odd man who likes to pick me up and pretend I am a concertina. I think we should sit on her and let her stroke us. That always seems to help."
Elmo. " I like him. But not as much as mice."
Maurice. "I'll sit on her book next time she is reading. She needs a rest."
Elmo. " I like this rock. Listen. Birds. They always shout so loud!"
Pixie. " Come on, time to walk."
Elmo. "Wish I had wings."

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