Monday, May 14, 2007

Radio days.

Radio Wales rang to interview us, but we were all sleeping in cupboards so She took the call for us and talked to Roy Noble. Pixie, sleeping in the kitchen overheard all. We are beginning to think that She is becoming a bit jealous of our fame. Silly human. What can she expect when she has no beauteous coat of ginger loveliness. And we are beginning to think that She is exploiting our fame, talking about Her painting as much as our striding.
Yesterday it rained, and though the water came down from the sky and scratched at our eyes and our ears and our tails like cat claws, and was cold, still we walked with Her and the dogs, to the top of the hill, where the wind blew our ears flat to our heads and the rain beat hard. Today there is sunshine, wind and whitecat clouds running fast against the blue.

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Daisy said...

I get to go Outside in my stroller or on my harness and leash, but I have never been outside in the rain. You are very adventurous!