Thursday, May 10, 2007

Newspapers and what they are good for.

Pixie: If you sit on them they are quite warm.
Maurice: Erm, isn't that the one we were in yesterday? I'm not sure She will be pleased that you are sitting on it.
Pixie: If She didn't want it sat on She shouldn't have put it here. It's not bad, though, but she didn't mention our great beauty enough I think.
Elmo: I've been in a cupboard all day. I like cupboards.


Ernesto said...

Hello again, and our continued thaks for your such entertaining posts. As I mentioned before, we especailly enjoy the outdoor pictures here, for a number of reasons. Splendour in the grass indeed!
I was born in the unused (other than by my Mum)!basement of an apartment in Harlem, New York. It wasn't too pretty, there were several litters, of several Mums, of almost feral cats. Ocassionally, some food was thrown our way, but we had no "owner" or, as our numbers inevitably increased, chance of survival. A friend who lived there spent a lot of time trying to find good homes for any of the kittens in the basement and persuaded my feeders, over afew G&T's, to make the plunge and adopt a mutt.
Then. I had the good luck to be joined by my apartment-mate, Fritz. He's from Ohio. In his very early youth he was a good-'ol farm boy from the mid-west. He had a brief taste of the great outdoors then, but now actually seems most happy cocooned in our New York flat.
He's a wise Marmalade cat (are they all)?, who has the good grace to mostly mentor me, and only occassionally biff me (all patience is finite).
Fantastic photographs on your site: hope you are all well and enjoying a splendid spring.

The Ginger Darlings said...

Greetings oh pied beauty. We link to your blog like good cats should. We had the good fortune to be born in a warm farmhouse kitchen with an aga, in a place called St Elvis in Pembrokeshire. We will get into Her mind and send Her out to photograph where we were born soon. She is a bit strange at the moment, trying to paint and write too much at the same time. And she is nosey and says can you ask your feeder to email her and tell her more about what he does in the big city.
her email address in on her website, Http://
We tell Her not to be nosey. She says it is Her job to be so.
Our job is easy. We are to look beautiful and to frighten rodents.
We send greetings to our ginger brother across the sea.
All hail to the red cat.

Daisy said...

Wow! You got to be IN and ON the paper, too?!?!