Saturday, February 17, 2007

We Three Went Walking

We Three went walking, despite the greyness of the day, we followed her up the hill and over. The sky was grey and rain fell softly down, and she trod a path that went through tangled bramble ways, to a sparkling jewel of a pond filled with wriggling tadpoles. The grass was long, the path was steep.
Later we slept on a sofa soft and purred our quiet songs. Martha, the other ginger sat above the fire, warm in the place of choice, and she went and hid in the room she will not let us in, and painted.
In the morning we woke early, hungry, and scratched the door until she woke and fed us. Then we slept again and helped to wrap paintings, rolling in bubble wrap and climbing up big pictures, balancing on the top, hiding in the car amongst the pictures, tips of tails showing through the layers of paintings.

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