Sunday, January 6, 2013

Favorite places for sitting.

In a book.

On cushion in corner.

Where ever Hannah sits.

In  a box.

On a gold cushion in the corner.

Top of the bookcase.

In the cat lounge.

On the sofa.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cats and Water

Over years of writing the Cat's Blog organisations have often approached the cats to ask them to advertise. The answer has always been the same.
"We are cats. We have no pockets in which to keep money. No thanks."
But when new things have been found that are good we feel that it is time to shout about it. 

The ginger pride have always walked, spend time indoors and out, come and go at will. They have access outside to fresh spring water. They seldom drink from the dog's bowl.
It has often worried me that so many cats get kidney problems. 
So, when reading up about Bengal cats over and again people recommended water fountains for drinking. Within days of getting the kittens I realised they weren't really drinking much. I was advised that they didn't drink much when on a 'raw' diet, but decided to pay the £30 for a water fountain.
It has been brilliant. They drink from it, splash about and play with the water. 

The water fountain has a tray, a filter that will need replacing and a pump. One thing to always remember is that when you clean out the trays and put the pump back together the top tray has to fit into a hole in the top of the pump, otherwise it won't work.

The cats love to watch when the pump is switched back on. In fact they love the whole process of cleaning the water fountain.

 The pump is quiet, and should last a while. People suggest soaking in vinegar or bicarb to clear limescale. 
Now the cats often drink and the older cats also like the water fountain.
Mine is made by Cat Mate, but there are loads of other makes.

PS The weasels are stuffed and don't drink water.

One Month with the Bengal Babies.

One month has gone by since the journey to the Northlands to collect the Bengal Babies from the Cat's Mother. These are some of the things I have learned.
1. It is very difficult to sweep the floor with a dustpan and brush as kittens will sit in the pan.
2. It is very difficult to paint with Bengal Babies in the room as they like to 'help' and find ink and paint very attractive.

3. Bengal Babies can do the ammonite cat curl from a very early age.

4. Ginger cats are attracted to silver kittens, especially when they realise that there is kitten food to be 'tidied up'.

5. Trying to make a bed with 2 Bengals Babies around is a hilarious but frustrating experience. It is possible, but could take twice as long. However you will laugh.

6. Being a neutral colour Snow Bengal Babies go with any backdrop and almost always look stunning.

7. Being pedigree cats Bengal Babies are often attracted to fine art ceramics. Occasionally this can result in tears and shards. ( no pots were damaged during the playing in the moonjar).

 8. Although many people will tell you that being on a diet of raw food ( the Bengal Babies eat raw pet food bought via mail order from Natural Instincts) the purchase of a water fountain with a pump will ensure that the Bengal Babies drink enough water. They also like to help with the washing up.

9. Bengal Babies are very good at finding small things that are hidden. Below see Spitifer, also known as Spiticat, who put the elephant tamer in his place!

10. Bengal Babies love to meet new people and love to be adored.

Main conclusion: in what has been a very difficult month health wise the kittens have been a joy to be with. They have settled in with dogs and cats. Looking forward to taking them out for walks when they are a little older.

and ...
11. It is IMPOSSIBLE to work with Bengal Babies in the studio if you want to do anything other than a lino cut and even with that they will try and help.