Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Camera Man

Yesterday it was summer. In the garden, birdsong. She took the dogs and these people to see the City of Badgers. It is a while since I have walked and though it was in the heat of the day I thought it would be good. On the high hill top there are skylarks, and the bluebells set off red fur beautifully. 
The man had a camera and took beautiful photographs. He stalks photographs like a cat stalks a mouse. He walks and waits and watches as the light changes over landscape. Night and day and in all weathers, hunting for the right place in the right light. 
Even the snaps he took of my perfect beauty are so fine, but She has spent ages looking through his website at the horses and the stones and the borderlines. 
Chris Tancock. Maybe he will come back and walk again with us.