Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Cats

Some time ago She made a book about Snow Leopards. Snow Leopards are big cats that live wild and free. Watch this film, learn more, and then get your people to vote for The Snow Leopard Trust

And here is Her reading of Her book, The Snow Leopard. If you buy it through The Snow Leopard Trust they get more money to help look after the big cats.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

A little help with book signing

She went to Solva Woollen Mill to sign some books and we sent word to the hard working mill cats. The message was to Heddle and the message was, 'do give the Poor Dear a little helping paw'. At first Heddle just watched, from a box, curled. Eventualy she decided to take things in paw.

A visit from the Silver Witch

Sometimes people come to stay in our house. This week it was Hannah Willow. She makes beautiful shining things. 

Sometimes hares, sometimes bears, always silver and always they hold a magic. And so does she. And, if we may say, she has perfect hair! She is also, it would seem, a slave to many cats and one of The Sisterhood of Ruralists, along with Tamsin Abbott, Catherine Hyde and Her. And what do they all have in common, apart from their habit of scribbling, in glass, on paper, with paint and with silver? They all are owned by feline creatures!