Monday, May 30, 2011

A short walk and a new shop

The morning was cloudy and light rain was falling as She set off up the hill with the dogs and I ran after them. Rain will not stop me walking. The lane to the hill top was wet so I sent the dogs on ahead and walked through the tunnel of long grass and campion. The light was emerald. 
At the top of the hill the dogs were soaked, She was soaked and I? Well, I was dry as a thirst cat and warm as sunshine. "How?" she asked. " How can you walk through so much water and still be dry at the top?"
"Easy." I replied. " I am Cat."

And She has been busy, working on 'I am Cat', the book ( wonder where She got that title from!) and opening a gift shop at The House of Golden Dreams ( a place where we often go to curl and dream in our ammonite beauty). The shop has bags and mouse mats ( which every good cat needs when crunching on fragile bones) and covers for iThings. She will add more. And She says we can open out own shop too some time soon but that we are not to spend all our money on gambling and playing cat poker.
You can visit the Gift Shop for The House of Golden Dreams, anytime. It is always open.