Sunday, February 25, 2007

The other cat

This night the place of choice above the fire was taken by Max, The Other One, he that is not ginger. For some reason Max is the cat She always paints. He is in book after book that she paints, playing the violin in How The Whale Became, and Can You See a Little Bear, and now in Singing to the Sun where he seems to be in every painting that she does.
The other one, The Old One, the one that She calls Martha, is eating much better now. We think she may have had tooth ache for a long time. But she did not bring her tooth home from the vet and the cat tooth fairy had to search and search before we told her where the vet had hidden the tooth. Then she came back with a tiny sugar mouse for Martha.
While She has been sleeping we have been reading the new book that She has left in our way. It is a cat's tale too.

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