Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We cats would all like to say the biggest thank you for all warm wishes sent from round the world to us, to Her, on the sad day. Now we are five again. We are sure to find Kiffer on times in the night when the moon is full and we gather at the well to sing songs to the moon.
We thought it best to let people know how we all are fairing.
Martha is old. 15 this year and skinny But good, for now.
I, Pixie, still have the sneezes, something like a poor imune system. We shall see.
Maurice seems well, though short of breath at times and She forgets to give him his tablets. He was chief carer for Her yesterday and odd times would jump into Her arms and put paws round Her neck to comfort.
Elmo is mischief and balance and fun and run and chase up a tree and bounce.
Max is quiet dark dignity lurking.
And Nadolig, the next door cat is now getting six dinners a day and looking good, if a bit ragged around the ears from fighting and dancing and living a high life of a wandering lothario.

We do not grieve for Kiffer because we know where he has gone, though his passing was too soon.

Oh, And She, well, She has a headache and feels sick but says it is only the menopaws and shruggs and scowls. Nothing to worry about.

And She wonders, how many cats have lived and died in this house, how many in this village? Mr Griffiths alone has had about 7. Here in Her lifetime are Comfrey and Arthur and Bird and Kiffer. How many mousers and fireside companions who curled round the necks of women and small children, who snoozed in warm sunshine and chased after rats, how many have lived here. She wonders. We know.


Geiger and Sporran said...

Ah, yes. Cats always know, though seldom tell.
Thankyou, dear Pixie, for telling us how you are.Some of the people have been wondering.(Though we, of course, know.)
Please give Her an extra foot-rub from us.

Angie said...

My human sent condolances to her on the other blog but I have to say that your words on here are beautiful... we send our love at this time but I know it is the happy memories that will get you all through.xx Sid and the Gang

sparrow said...

I am so sorry for your loss! We lost our beautiful Cookie yesterday, sent to sleep after a very short illness. They leave such a hole in the heart, but the memories are so, so sweet.
I am inspired to give her big, soppy 10 year old brother a new kitten playmate, and today fell in love with a Ginger at the SPCA. We trust its playfulness will heal his kitty heart. May your lovely ginger friends comfort you and purr you to peacefullness.

Lyn said...

Cats of course know lots that humans don't understand. I am glad you gave us the update.
Cats do not live as long as us humans would want them to, thats the problem.
With love and sandpaper kisses from Lucy.

sasha + max studio said...

Bless you all - it was very sad to read of the passing of your sweet friend but it sounded so peaceful - I had tears in my eyes reading the post as I remembered the passing of my dear 2 cat friends 2 years ago.

annie said...

A Field of Long Grass is so beautiful.

I am glad that she has all of you for the comfort, right now. That's a special gift you cats have.
My best to all of you and to Her.


Karen L R said...

snuggle close, dear ones. it helps.

Morning's Minion said...

Reading these posts about Kiffer I am reminded of Derek Tangye's book, "Somewhere a Cat is Waiting."
When a pet leaves, I have so often had that sense that if I could look quickly enough my cat or dog would be in that accustomed place.
I think of our rescued cats through the years, some of whom lived long and charmed lives and others who bore the seeds of early death in their faulty genes and were with us for such a short time.
I'm thinking too of the old black and white photos from the time of my grandparents and great-grandparents. So often a dog was in the photo--or a horse. The cats didn't come around for photo ops, but I know they were there--cats in the barn, cats who brought their kittens to the sunny back porch. Animals are always a part of the history of a family and a home.

Emerald Window said...

We are so sad, so sad to hear about your brother. We will look for him in the stars tonight and toast him with a special saucer of milk that Cenya has set out for just that purpose.
The Sunnyside Eleven-
Buidhe, Arachne, Garm, Bindis, Basia, Luna, Wicked, Foos, Visa, Fido and Beeswing.

Anonymous said...

Sad to lose another dearest. But love and a happy life have steered you on.

Jennyff said...

So many wise and beautiful cats have passed through our lives and made the world a better place. I am glad you are at peace with the happenings and caring so well for her.

Cat said...

Im so sorry to hear about Kiffer! These amazing creatures really leave their mark on us don't they. I remember every cat since childhood that has passed through my life. I hope their sweet souls wait for me in my celestial house...

Dougie Donk said...

Having lost Jess cat on the road outside my house last week, I'm so sorry to hear of yet another beloved friend passing over.

I do hope you can find some solace that Kiffer knew he was loved - he wouldn't have graced you with his presence if you had been less than worthy.

Kim said...

We have lost our loved ones too, and though we know where they went, we miss them. We are there with you. We offer her our comfort too. Our human grieves for her. She remembers.

Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

Our condolances for your loss from a small acre of the world...we will all be thinking of you...purrs and kitty kisses from:

Crouching Tigger-Hidden Pooh
Fatty Woo Hobbes
Willy Big
Charlie Chowder
and of course doggy kisses from Max the one dog.

Human hugs and kisses from Laura.

Ginny said...

Now he belongs to the wind. When you find him there, give him our love.

Vincent said...

"menopaws" made me laugh and I needed it. Thank you.