Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A short but growing list.

Things Maurice taught us.

The elegance of the feline creature.
That it is possible to love unconditionally.

Always always always be sick in the cat basket on the way to the vet. If you can poo as well, all the better.
Between the eyes and a book is the best place to get attention.
Training humans to catch mice usually results in great excitement and shouting.
How to look upon furless humans with utter disdain.
Always make sure they know you are there before you jump into their arms.
Never eat the green wobbly bit.
Nothing on earth is as beautiful as a cat.
That the kitchen table is not the best place to do a wee.


  1. Ahh yes, the old poo on the way to the vet trick. Our Toogie used to do that. The "stress poo" we called it, particularly evil smelling they were.

  2. And when you think of him and his funny ways you will smile. Just takes time. Hugs to you, Deb=^..^=x5

  3. Our animals teach us lessons beyond
    words, if we listen with love.

  4. Mission fully accomplished on the cat basket items on my annual visit to the vet last Friday!

    of The Poupounette Gang

  5. Reading your litany I realize that they really do belong to the same brotherhood and sisterhood and at one time shared a common mentor-thanks for the smiles....

  6. Cats teach us so much. I'm thinking of you all in this very sad time, and of Maurice as he goes on his journey.

  7. Cats teach us so much, and each cat is unique. I'm thinking of you all in this sad time, and of Maurice as he goes along on his journey.

  8. The character of Maurice surely comprised some of the best and most memorable feline wisdom--by all means be sick in the cat carrier--but how about saving the poo for the moment of being lifted onto the vet's sterile table?
    It has seemed to me that some of our most inventively naughty cats have been most beloved--and missed.

  9. Who was it who said: "Cats are not hygienic, they're covered in cat spit"?

  10. I used to have a cat that would wee on the table when she was angry with me. Once she was REALLY angry with me and pooped in my shoe.
    I really miss her anyway.

  11. So sad about your loss. I lost my two OAP's, each side of Christmas and I am still getting used to the spaces they leave behind.

  12. Maurice was a sage! We will learn his lessons well.

  13. Yes, doing a wee on the kitchen table is also liable to result in great er, excitement and definitely shouting!

    Looking upon furless humans with disdain is a cat's prerogative because they know they are more beautiful than we are...sigh and they're right too.

    We got the howl on the way to the vets...a howl as if there was a small person being tortured in the car. Telling him it was alright did not work, he was crazy, not stupid.

  14. My eyes fill unexpectedly when I see beautiful Maurice on your header....makes me what to run home and give mine a hug right now...

  15. Farewell Maurice Morris, you beautiful boy. Condolences to Jackie. Best wishes from Ali and Black Cat x x

  16. These are very valuable Lessons that the wise Maurice taught you.