Friday, March 18, 2011

Cat Power

She has signed and wrapped a hardback first edition of Lord of the Forest to go with the painting auction at 21st Century Tiger, so please sign up to the Facebook page to keep an eye on the work of the organisation, the tigers and the auction. Cat power!

Meanwhile She and I have been testing the youtube channel!


  1. Wow amazing work! I love the contrast of the colorful bird of paradise and the minimalist tiger, beautiful

  2. OMG Jackie, you gave me tears in my eyes looking at Elmo in real life, he is so beautiful ! How much i would have seen Maurice, Kieffer and Martha.
    Many many thanks for sharing this video with us.
    Your work is gorgeous, you are a geat artist.

  3. Elmo, what a handsome boy you are.

  4. my own ginger darling, sunshine, and i cherish the video of elmo.

  5. Elmo the movie star :-)
    Beautiful fellow